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On copywriting...

Just like the No. 1 consideration in real estate is location, location, location, the first consideration in copywriting is audience, audience, audience.

The first thing to do in any kind of copywriting assignment is to identify your audience.

Who, exactly, is your text aimed at?

Who are you ‘speaking’ to?
Your readers can range from a single individual to the general public – but you must be clear and explicit about this.

Usually, your audience will be a particular group of people or a portion of the population – for example:
  • Marketing & Sales departments
  • IT specialists
  • Executive management
  • Young people in their 20s
  • ...
And everything else follows. What do you want to tell them? What do they need to know? How do you want them to respond (call to action)?

Specifying your audience first of all – and then keeping your audience constantly in mind – makes your writing so much easier... and so much more effective!